Vector Clipping Masks

Need a Background Removed?

Sometimes a vector conversion is unsuitable for a project and the original photograph or artwork must be used. We can help remove backgrounds, setup cut lines, and apply any finishing touches for your project.

Vector Masking
Our artists will hand draw a perfect mask for your project to eliminate the backgrounds in your photos. Many AI generated masking services miscalculate important details which is why having a trained eye to review and make corrections is important for the best results. Vector Clipping Mask Preview
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Photo of Children Holding Hands
Photo of Children with Background Removed
Additional Treatments
There are no limits with creativity and we can help realize your ideas by manipulating and editing your photos. Some of the more common treatments are color balancing, adding shadows, reflections, dust removal, blemish touch ups, etc. We can also assist with more extreme manipulations like removing or placing objects, distortions, digital painting and restoration. Want your favorite pet as the face for your new company? No problem! Snap a photo and let's make it happen! We look forward to discussing your project!
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Low Resolution
One of the biggest drawbacks of using photos or raster based images is the resolution. At certain sizes your images may look great while at others they become pixelated and degraded. We prefer using vector artwork whenever possible and in particular cases it might be best to consider a vectorization option.

Find out more on our Vectorization page.
Autotrace Issues
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