Artwork Automation

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Quickly set up your images for production using ArtworkIQ's collection of automated and artist-powered artwork preparation processes.

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ArtworkIQ prepares artwork for your craft, set up to work the way you do.

Make Any Image Production Ready
Work with us to create a custom integration to set up your routine artwork processing, using whatever templates, color systems and other specifications you require.
Drag and drop or email your file and we’ll evaluate its suitability, send you a report, and fix if desired.
ArtworkIQ Procedures
Custom Plugins for Adobe Illustrator
Empower your artists by giving them the tools they need directly in Adobe Illustrator. We create custom tools for automating quality control, creating backing or covercoat layers, or just about anything you can imagine.
ArtworkIQ Plugin Tools in Adobe Illustrator
ArtworkAPI Server-based
Image Processing
Automate your image processing using our API. We can create a custom endpoint to process your images using tools such as Adobe Extendscript (to Automate Adobe products like AI and PS), Imagemagick, CairoSVG and even our own artists!
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Prepare images for the following production processes (and more):

Prepare for
Prepare for
Screen Printing
Prepare for
Prepare for
Web Graphics
Prepare for
Digital Print
Prepare for
CNC / Plasma
Prepare for
Laser Engraving
Prepare for
General Use
Prepare for
Custom / Other



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Dedicated quality assurance team armed with automation.


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Customize or create procedures for your unique printing or manufacturing needs.

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