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Vector files can be enlarged, shrunk, re-colored and edited without causing the degradation that is so common with pixel-based graphics. Below are just a few vectorization services we provide.

Recreate Pixelated Logos
Pixelated and blurry images can ruin a project. At artworkIQ, our team of vector artists will accurately rebuild degraded or low-resolution images as crisp and beautiful vector art. Vector files can be scaled and will not lose their quality and is the ideal format in the print industry. From business cards to billboards we can prepare your files to any size.
Low Resolution Image Low Resolution Image
Vector Conversion Crisp Image Vector Conversion
Reference Photo for Vector Portrait Original Reference
Vector Portraits
Let one of our talented graphic artists illustrate you, your family, pet, or client, in a variety of specialized vector styles. These are 100% vector and will not lose their quality on large projects unlike photographs which will degrade in quality as they are enlarged. Our clients utlize vector portraits for all sorts of projects, from coloring books to large canvas prints for their office, as well as product and packaging lables.
Coloring Book Coloring Book
Black and White Line Art Black & White Line Art
Comic Book Comic Book
Comic Pop Comic Pop
Tonal Flat Simple Tonal Flat Simple
Tonal Flat Detailed Tonal Flat Detailed
Gradient Blend Gradient Blend
Custom Style Custom Style
Photo Realistic Vector Art
We have several rockstar artists and illustrators on call for one of the most difficult and uncommon vector tasks: Photo Realistic Vector Art. It is very difficult and time consuming to create realistic vector art but the end result is absolutely breathtaking and will wow your audience.
Photo Reference Low Resolution Image
Photo Realistic Vector Art Vector Conversion
Logo Design From Reference
We are excited to transform your sketch into clean and crisp vector art! From a brief written concept to crude napkin sketches we can help beautify your design and provide consultation and recomendations along the way.
Rough Sketch Original Sketch
Vector Result from Sketch Vector Result
Instructional Diagrams & Technical Drawings
These complex images are pivotal for instructional manuals, safety user guides, assembly, blueprints, etc. ArtworkIQ offers a wonderful service of creating highly complex images that help inform your customers and keep them safe.
Technical Drawing Reference Original Photo
Technical Drawing Vector Result Technical Drawing
Font Matching
Do you need to pinpoint a particular font? Do you need your text changed but your fonts have been converted to outlines, flattened, or uneditable? We can take a look and help pinpoint those missing fonts or suggest close alternatives or options that may help improve print results.
Missing Font Alert
Color Accuracy
Unlike most pixel-based files, vector graphics can encode specific color information that your printer may need to reproduce your logo correctly. Generally this information is coded using the Pantone Matching System, and most pixel-based files are incapable of communicating this information.
Pantone Color Chart
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