Example Files

Want to see a sample file? Here ya go! We've setup the DarkTech Logo in a variety of formats so you can see our work in action. Please note that these were set to a certain specification, you may have different requirements that differ from these examples. Contact Us to talk more about your requirements and how you need your files prepared.

Procedure Type Notes File
Original File Pixelated, low resolution graphic Download
Full Color Vectorization Vector Recreation using RGB colors, Gradients, Shadows, etc.
Also includes High Resolution JPG and PNG (non-vector formats)
Engraving & Etching Vector Recreation 1 Spot Color, no shadows or effects. Download
Vinyl Plotting Vector Recreation with colors matching Oracal 651 Vinyl films. Download
Web Graphic Full Color, RGB, in a variety of both vector and non-vector web formats Download
Digital Printing Vector Recreation using CMYK colors for various forms of printing. Download
Screen Printing 4 Color Screen Print with separations (3 Pantone Colors with White Backing) Download
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