Lets face it.

Some files flat out suck and can be a nightmare to work with.
Here are some common issues we can help you solve:

Missing Fonts
Perhaps one of the most irritating and most common problems with customer provided art are missing fonts. Fortunately, we're veterans at restoring files to their natural beauty. We have a team of design experts to hunt down that missing font, artists to recreate it by hand, or we can simply provide some similar alternatives that may be a better fit for your printing requirements.
Adobe Illustrator Missing Font Alert
Spinning Rainbow Ball of DEATH
Enormous File Sizes
A complex vector file can easily crash your program, and sometimes even your computer. We can help simplify your file so it opens smoothly and saves you from being hypnotized by the Spinning Rainbow Ball Of DEATH!
Rough Paths
Have you ever opened a file and wondered, "How is this even possible?"
Don't worry, we do all the time, and we know how to fix it. Some vector files are super messy with too many paths or nodes and can cause a boat load of problems. Jittery print results, slow plotting, or unweedable vinyl can really slow down your production. We can clean up these paths, resetting fonts, or recreating vector art so it is crisp and squeaky clean.
Rough Paths
Missing Images
This has become a prevalent issue with modern day cloud libraries. Designers are linking images into their projects more often, rather than embedding them into their files. On the one hand, it keeps the file size low, but on the other hand, well... these files often are forgoten when they are sent to printing companies. We have a few tricks to recover these files, or you can have your customers send us the full project and we can condense the files into a print ready document set to your specifications.
Screen shot of missing images in Adobe Illustrator
Low Resolution
Pixelated and blurry images can ruin a project. At artworkIQ, our team of vector artists will accurately rebuild degraded or low-resolution images as crisp and beautiful vector art. Vector files can be scaled and will not lose their quality and is the ideal format in the print industry. From business cards to billboards we can prepare your files to any size.
Low Resolution Image Low Resolution Image
Vector Conversion Crisp Image Vector Conversion
Autotraced Images
Autotracing software can be okay for certain projects, but for the most part they produce terrible results. With their messy paths, thousands of tiny fragments, blothcy colors, and lumpy lines, autotracing just kinda sucks. The best vector results are carefully crafted by artists and are drawn by hand producing a crisp and clean design.
Autraced reference collage Original Photo | Autotraced Result | Hand Drawn Result
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